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Earadat – Android/IOS

Earadat represents the cutting-edge transportation service within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). As part of this initiative, I took on the role of developing Mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. These applications empower users to seamlessly plan their journeys, with the app’s intelligent algorithms recommending the most optimal and suitable bus routes.

The application offers a plethora of additional features, enhancing the user experience and utility, such as:

  • Real-time Notifications: Keeping users informed about important updates and information.
  • Favorite Routes: Allowing users to save and quickly access their preferred routes.
  • Road Maps and Routes: Providing detailed maps and routes to aid in navigation.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Enabling users to provide valuable feedback to improve the service.
  • Complaint Handling: Offering a channel for users to address issues and concerns.
  • User Profiles: Providing a personalized experience through user profiles.

This technological solution not only streamlines transportation planning but also enriches the overall user journey through seamless interaction and valuable features.

Museum Project – Android

During my tenure at a Software House, we embarked on an extraordinary journey of digitizing a museum situated in Pakistan. Our efforts led to the creation of several cutting-edge modules within the application, each highlighted below: Coins/Currency Application: We fashioned intricate 3D models showcasing the complete historical spectrum of coins

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Car Tracking Application – Android/IOS

During my tenure at the organization, alongside various other responsibilities, I took charge of the development and management of a technologically advanced application. This particular application holds significance as it involves the extraction of data from IoT devices, which is then translated into informative reports, interactive maps, and insightful graphs

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Field Forms Automation – Android

A technology-driven firm specializing in survey operations for diverse oil companies embarked on a transformative endeavor. This initiative revolved around the comprehensive overhaul of their conventional paper-based processes, embracing a state-of-the-art automated ecosystem. This encompassed the development of a dynamic mobile application and a sophisticated web application. The cornerstone of

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